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Feel lucky? Go ahead mayor, make my (pay) day!

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Feel lucky? Go ahead mayor, make my (pay) day!


Civil servants in a small town in Argentina will now have to try their luck in a lottery for their wages as the mayor has announced a draw will be held to determine who gets paid first due to funding problems.

“We will draw lots to decide the (order) of payments,” said the mayor of Bialet Masse, Gustavo Pueyo, in a broadcast from Buenos Aires private radio station Radio Mitre.

According to Pueyo, the raffle was approved by national mayoral authorities and the first draw took place on Friday, with 23 of the town’s 92 employees receiving their pay. A second round was scheduled for July 24.

Pueyo also said the city’s financial problems were caused by a drop in funding from the provincial government.

Several Argentinian provinces have faced economic difficulties due to the nation’s slowing economic growth. It declined by 0.5 percent in May compared with the same period last year, the first downturn since 2009, according to official figures.

Home to 5,000 inhabitants, Bialet Masse is a tourist destination in Cordoba Province, 750 km northwest of Buenos Aires.

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