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Cinema shooting suspect's first court appearance


Cinema shooting suspect's first court appearance

Appearing dazed and confused, the Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes remained silent at his first court appearance.
A motive has not yet surfaced for the massacre which left 12 dead and 58 injured. The FBI have been called in to investigate.
As the charges of 12 counts of first-degree murder were read out he appeared bleary-eyed, leaving commentators confused as to his mental state.
Victims and relatives sat just metres away. The father of Alex Teves, who died protecting his girlfriend spoke of his disbelief: “I saw the coward in court today. Alex could have wiped the floor with him without even breaking a sweat.”
Holmes’ family chose to communicate their feelings via their lawyer saying that their hearts went out to the victims and their families.
Holmes will appear again next Monday when formal charges will be filed. The judge explained that the suspect could face the death penalty. However, the case could take up to a year. Meanwhile, the victims and their families continue to mourn and come to terms with the tragedy.


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