Violence in Syria continues with clashes in Aleppo

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Violence in Syria continues with clashes in Aleppo

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In Syria bloody clashes continue to rage between government forces and the rebel-led opposition.

Images released on social media wesbites purportedly show Syria’s largest city, Aleppo over the weekend under heavy fire from government forces. Rebels are said to have formed an alliance and fierce fighting was reported in the north-eastern districts. Street battles have entered their third day with the rebels vowing to
liberate it from government control. The city was traditionally a bastion of support for President Assad.

Rebels have allegedly taken control of three border posts beween Syria and Turkey. They claim to have been in control of the Bab-Al Hawa crossing for 3 days and are letting refugees cross over the border. Those who fled, like Abu Khalil, bear witness to the terror they experienced: “For three days I fled between exploding bombs. I can’t feel if I’m dead or alive. My house was destroyed by a rocket. Everything is destroyed.”

As the violence escalates some 40,000 refugees are now said to have crossed the border with Turkey. Facing violence and intimidation if they remain in Syria, refugees face cramped conditions in camps as the violence shows no signs of ending.