Mini Monaco becomes home to big art

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Mini Monaco becomes home to big art

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The tiny city state of Monaco is hosting a uniquely large-scale art exhibition this summer. In an amusing change of perspective, the principality has become the new home of fifty of the biggest pieces from the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Many of the works have never been shown outside the French capital before. For visitors it is a chance to see some of the most important names in modern and contemporary art.

The exhibitions curator Ariane Coulondre said: “It’s showing a theme that’s not really been touched in the history of art, the question of large scale, monumentality, and how artists have seized big formats to renew artistic creation.’‘

The exhibition includes works of up to nine metres long by a host of artists including Joan Miro, Jean Dubuffet, Matta and Joan Mitchell, as well as sculptures and installations by Christian Boltanski and Daniel Buren.

All the masterpieces are linked by one factor – their sheer size.

‘‘The main challenge of this exhibition was to be able to create a space where the works can breathe. To place them with other works in the best possible light. The goal is to offer an experience which is sensitive to their size,’‘ added Coulondre.

The ‘‘Extra Large’‘ exhibition will be on show at the Grimaldi Forum until September.

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