Four killed in Catalonia fires near Spain-France border

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Four killed in Catalonia fires near Spain-France border

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Four people, three French nationals and one from Spain, have been killed in forest fires raging in the Spanish region of northern Catalonia.

Victims include a father and his 15-year-old daughter, who died whilst trying to escape down a cliffside, and a 64-year-old man who suffered severe burns.

Catalan authorities say at least 23 people have been injured.

Winds of up to seven kilometres an hour are spreading the flames, with the fire burning through an area of 13,000 hectares.

The region affected is on the Spanish border with France and includes the popular tourist destination of Costa Brava.

La Jonquera, a city close to France, has been the hardest hit by the fires.

The regional government is blaming people who may not have put out their cigarettes properly.

One hundred and sixty thousand residents in the region have been warned to stay indoors, whilst soldiers from Emergency Military Response units tackle the fires.