Deadly series of attacks across Iraq

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Deadly series of attacks across Iraq

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At least 90 people in Iraq have been killed in the deadliest day of attacks for two years.

More than 170 people were injured, according to Iraqi authorities.

Bombs exploded and attacks took place at 22 separate locations in 14 cities across the country, including Baghdad, Kirkuk and Taji – where the greatest number of people lost their lives.

This is the second wave of attacks in two days.

“Where are the national guard and how long will such destruction continue? This is even happening during Ramadan? We want to ask them, because they claim everything is under control. Why is it just poor people killed in these attacks?” asked eyewitness Faris in Kirkuk.

A large amount of the victims are said to be police officers and Iraqi soldiers.

Although no one has claimed responsibility for the violence, militant group al-Qaeda in Iraq announced on Sunday, their intention to intensify their fight within the country.