Italy meets with Syrian National council over failed resolution

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Italy meets with Syrian National council over failed resolution

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Italy’s foreign minister has been meeting with the Syrian National Council regarding the latest failed United Nations draft resolution against the Syrian government.

Russia and China vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that threatened Syrian authorities with sanctions over the violence against an uprising.

Beijing said the resolution was unfair and placed pressure on one side while Moscow claimed it would have led to military involvement in Syria’s affairs.

But the Syrian National Council say the violence cannot continue.

Syrian National Council President, Abdulbaset Sieda, said: “We talked of the political situation and Russia’s veto and in this context we say the situation cannot continue. Russia is supporting the Syrian regime with arms and weapons – tanks, artillery, rocket launchers and aircraft, are being used to kill our people.

“However, Moscow continues to provide political protection to the Syrian regime through the UN Security Council,” he added.

It’s been the third time that Russia, a key ally of Syria, and China have used their veto power to block resolutions to halt the 16 month conflict.

Negotiations will now try to extend the mandate of the UN monitoring mission in Syria which is due to expire on Friday.