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Rebel mortar killed French journalist in Homs report claims


Rebel mortar killed French journalist in Homs report claims

A report in the respected French newspaper Le Figaro claims that French journalist Gilles Jacquier – who was killed in Homs in January – died as a result of rebel mortar fire. An initial investigation carried out following his death suggested he was killed by a Syrian army shell.

Syrian state news agency SANA was quick to quote that the story originated from inside the French Defence Ministry.

Georges Malbrunot wrote the report for Le Figero:

“This investigation was carried out by French intelligence and based on a ballistic study carried out in the area. According to my contact, the mortar fire came from the Sunni rebel zone.”

In a statement France Television, Giles Jacquier’s employer, urged caution saying the report had yet to be “corroborated” and emerged as fighting intensified in Damascus.

The broadcaster hoped there was no “manipulation or information given out for any other reason than the search for truth.”

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