Thousands evacuated as fires rage on Tenerife

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Thousands evacuated as fires rage on Tenerife

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Authorities in Tenerife have evacuated around 2,000 people as wildfires rage across the island.

Emergency services say the fire has swept into a popular national park in the centre of the Canary island.

Hundreds of fire-fighters are facing a difficult task made worse by high temperatures and strong winds.

Spanish authorities are battling to contain the massive forest fire which is now close to the historic Mount Teide national park. The blaze broke out on Sunday, instigating emergency services to evacuate 90 villagers from their homes overnight.

Cars and Coaches were moved from the grounds when the fire reached the edge of the Teide National Park. It was still said be unclear if the fire was to spread into the natural park. Atleast 70 firefighters and seven helicopters were busy battling the blaze, according to the regional government of the Canary Islands, and Atlantic archipelago including Tenerife.

Another fire broke last Monday on the island of Palma, in the same archipelago, that led to the evacuation of 100 people. Spain is considered to be at higher risk of forest fires this summer due to the driest winter in 70 years.

euronews/ AFP