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Shock and horror at Israeli bus blast

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Shock and horror at Israeli bus blast


World leaders from Washington to Paris have condemned the deadly attack on a Bulgarian bus carrying Israeli tourists while survivors and eye-witnesses spoke of their shock at what had happened.

“I was on the bus and I wanted to smoke and I went outside the bus and when I was outside I heard, I did not just hear, I saw the bomb,” said one man.

“There were cars with broken windscreens, blood all over, even on the taxis parked near the buses,” added a woman who was driving towards the airport when the explosion happened. “There was another bus that caught fire shortly after that.”

Although Israel believes there was a failed attempt in January, this is the first actual attack against Israelis in Bulgaria.

Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, commented: “This is clearly a terrorist attack initiated by probably Hezbollah, Hamas, Jihad or any other group under the terror auspices of either Iran or other radical Muslims groups.”

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