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Madonna makes French fans happy, Australians sad

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Madonna makes French fans happy, Australians sad


It will be ‘deja-vu all over again’ for Madonna’s French fans as she announced an additional concert date in Paris, but a case of ‘She won’t be right’ for Australian fans as she is no longer planning to perform there.
Word of the extra Paris gig comes after a controversial mega-concert at the city’s Stade de France on Saturday 14 July during which the pop diva angered the far-right French National Front party leader Marine Le Pen by showing a video with a swastika projected onto Le Pen’s face.
The concert on 26 July will be held in the prestigious Olympia hall which has previously hosted legendary artists such as Marlene Dietrich, Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel.
News of the extra French concert was confirmed as the National Front said it plans to sue Madonna over what it called her “provocative behaviour against Le Pen.”

Tickets for the additional Madonna concert in Paris are only available through the Olympia venue’s website, with members of the singer’s fan club getting priority.
If you’re not in the fan club you will have to wait until 20 July to buy tickets on the site
But since the concert was announced the Olympia website has been down - probably overloaded by fans – as you can see in our picture.

Le Pen was dismissive of the video saying: “Old singers want us to talk about them, so we understand why she acted in this offensive manner.”

The Olympia show will include songs from Madonna’s current album MDNA including her new single ‘Nobody Knows Me’.
Besides the announcement of the concert in Olympia, the 53-year-old singer plans another show on 21 August in Nice. The MDNA tour, which is to promote her new album, began on May 31 in Israel.
It was supposed to end in Australia where Madonna has not played in 20 years, but that leg of the tour has been cancelled without explanation which has upset many fans there who expressed their anger via Twitter.

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