Floods cause yet more misery in China

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Floods cause yet more misery in China

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Torrential rains that have already affected two million people in southern Chinese provinces are continuing to batter many areas.

Dozens of people have already lost their lives and thousands have had to flee their homes in the face of rising water.

The rainstorms have also caused power cuts and landslides.

A huge swathe of the country, including the Guizhou, Jiangxi and Yunnan provinces, has been suffering for a week now and more heavy rain is forecast for the coming days.

A level four emergency plan has been initiated – that is the lowest level disaster response. But the task facing emergency services is massive. Tens of thousands of people have been or are being evacuated from their homes.

They are now in need of shelter, food and clean drinking water. But the flood water is making it hard to access many affected villages.