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Clinton's visit to Cairo is met with protest


Clinton's visit to Cairo is met with protest

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has held her first meeting with the newly-elected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

Mursi, of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, was elected in June in the country’s first ever freely contested leadership vote.

Clinton used the stage to condemn the violence in Syria.

“Compared to what we’re seeing in Syria, which is the military murdering their own people, the staff here protected the Egyptian nation and we commend them for overseeing a free, fair election process,” said Clinton.

“But there is more work ahead. I think the issues around the parliament, the constitution, have to be resolved, between and among Egyptians,” she added.

But not everyone was happy to see Clinton in town. Hundreds of angry protesters marched to the US embassy in Cairo to denounce her visit.

They carried placards that accused the US of letting the Palestinian militant group Hamas take over Egypt. They warned that the country would never be sold to foreign powers.


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