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Gruesome train crash in South Africa kills 19

South Africa

Gruesome train crash in South Africa kills 19

A train carrying coal for export, crashed into a truck, at a level crossing on Friday in South Africa, killing at least 19 people, officials say.
“It is a very gruesome scene. Some bodies are without heads and some without limbs. Forensic teams are still working on the scene,” police spokesman Joseph Mabusa said and added,
“The driver was taken to hospital. His condition is unknown. It’s difficult to say what happened but at this stage it seems that the truck miscalculated as it was crossing the railway line.”
The truck was carried 200 meters by the impact, leaving body parts strewn all over the track, making it hard for forensic experts to say how many people were killed, he added
Emergency services said at least 24 other people were injured, some of them critically, in the smash near the town of Hectorspruit, about 400 km east of Johannesburg. Transnet freight rail spokesman Michael Asefovitz said the incident took place in eastern Mapumalanga province between the city of Nelspruit and the Mozambique border.
The coal was destined for the Indian Ocean port of Maputo. The workers were on their way to pick fruit at a nearby farm. Human error is often blamed for sporadic accidents like this one.


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