Solar Flare to cause storms when it hits Earth on Saturday

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Solar Flare to cause storms when it hits Earth on Saturday

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The electric blue clouds that rippled across Northern Europe yesterday, July 12, were described as “water in the sky” by a spectator from Poland, according to Space Weather.

These colorful clouds are suspected to have been caused by the solar flare that erupted from the sun, streaming radiation toward the Earth. According to NASA’s solar dynamics observatory, the coronal mass ejection is said to be travelling towards Earth at a speed of more than 850 miles per second.

A resulting solar storm is predicted to hit the Earth on Saturday, July 14, but forecasters at the Space Weather Prediction Center, say the expect minimal impact to communication systems and power grids. The storm may spark colorful auroras in southern Canada and northern US.

Images captured by NASA’s solar dynamics observatory show giant loops of solar material overlying the middle of the sun where the flame originated. The storm is said to be part of the sun’s normal 11 year cycle, which is supposed to reach its peak in 2013.

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The sun now: European Space Agency

Pictures: NASA