Avalanche survivors describe being 'blown away'

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Avalanche survivors describe being 'blown away'

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Two survivors of the avalanche that killed nine people in Chamonix have given their account of what happened.

The French and Danish climbers spoke to the media from their hospital beds.

“We felt the snow but we could still resist it – but then big chunks of snow fell onto us then we were swept away. We all fell together and that’s it. It all happened so quickly. We were happy when it started to slow down,” said French Guide Daniel Rossetto.

Danish survivor Thomas said: “I was climbing up with the ice axes and all of a sudden big pieces of ice fell down right next to us. And I thought ‘That would have really hurt if those had hit us’. Then a split second after that, it all came down and hit us and blew us away.”

Officials are calling the avalanche the most deadly in the French Alps since 2008.