Olympic legend takes torch to Stonehenge

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Olympic legend takes torch to Stonehenge

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One of the world’s greatest athletes at one of the world’s best-loved monuments meant an extra-special start to the Olympic flame’s latest travels.

On Day 55 of its trip through Britain, the torch was taken to Stonehenge by American Michael Johnson.

And despite record-breaking wet weather in the UK this summer, the five times Olympic gold medal winner didn’t need an umbrella in his other hand.

“It was a great moment. The sun is out. The sun is rising – clear skies today,” he told reporters.

“Running with the torch which is incredible anywhere but, of course, running with it around Stonehenge is an incredible moment.”

With just over two weeks to go, the government has announced an extra 3,500 troops for the security operation surrounding the London Games.
Some 13,500 soldiers had already been allocated but more are needed as a private contractor hired for the Olympics is unable to provide enough guards.