Growing old disgracefully: Rolling Stones mark 50 years

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Growing old disgracefully: Rolling Stones mark 50 years

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Half a century to the day since their first gig, the Stones are still rolling.

There is a new exhibition, a book, and the band say they are planning a documentary film for release later this year telling their story.

The Stones are appearing together for the launch of the photo exhibition in London, which also traces their evolution over the decades. News that they have been rehearsing has sparked rumours of a new tour.

“We hope we’re gonna do some gigs this year. We haven’t actually finalised them, so we hope to do some gigs, and so I don’t know what’s gonna happen after that and we hope to, you know, keep going and do things, so we’re planning to do things,” said singer Mick Jagger.

When they were booked at the last minute to play at the Marquee Club in London’s Oxford Street on July 12, 1962, the band did not even have a name.

They quickly called themselves “The Rollin (with no g) Stones” after the song “Rolling Stone” by Muddy Waters, according to the band’s publicist Bernard Doherty.

Guitarist Keith Richards says on the band’s official website that they had no masterplan when they started out and were “flying by the seat of their pants”.

Some 50 years on, Doherty says the Stones would be proud to be seen to be “growing old disgracefully”.