Clean-up and aid in Russia flood region

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Clean-up and aid in Russia flood region

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Volunteers are coming from across Russia to help with the clean-up in Krasnodar, the region hardest hit by last weekend’s floods.

In the state’s southern city of Krymsk, which was almost completely devastated, the nearest landfill is 15 kilometres away, making it hard to get rid of all the destroyed furniture.

The priority now is on preventing the spread of disease, according to Governor of Krasnodar Region Alexander Tkachev: “We have shifted the focus to disposing of the dead animals. To date, we have found around 15,000 bodies of dead animals.”

Around 170 people died in the deluge.

Now comes the task of looking after those who may have lost relatives, but have also lost their homes and the ability to live their daily lives.

Aid centres have been set up in the region, handing out food and clothes to anyone in need.