Syria's government frees 275 prisoners

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Syria's government frees 275 prisoners

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More unverified amateur video purports to show Homs under heavy bombardment just two days after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad suggested a “step by step” approach to ending the violence.

The fighting continues, despite Assad telling international envoy Kofi Annan that he still believes in the six-point peace plan.

Another unverified video claims to show fighters from the Free Syrian Army training.

Rebels say they have amassed weapons including shells, sniper rifles and anti-armour missiles from nearby countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Activists are calling for NATO airstrikes and a no-fly zone.

Meanwhile, 275 people arrested for being involved in the uprising have been released from prison. Though freeing detainees is part of the agreed peace plan and ceasefire, the Syrian government had already begun the process before these were agreed.