EU unveils new strategy to cut car emissions

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EU unveils new strategy to cut car emissions

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The European Commission has announced new plans to cut the amount of CO2 emitted by new cars and vans by 2020.

The proposals are likely to mean a 1000 euro increase on the price of a new car.

In Brussels EU Climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard insisted the proposals were a win-win for the environment, consumers and jobs.

‘‘New passenger cars eight years from now, in 2020, on average must emit one third less CO2 than they do today. It is a significant step forward for European climate policies. It’s good for climate, it’s good for innovation, and it’s of course good for consumers who will have less running costs,’‘ Hedegaard said.

But consumer groups have criticised the plans claiming they favour luxury and 4×4 carmakers, that will be able to pass on smaller costs to customers even though they pollute more.

Greenpeace has also slammed the EU’s strategy, saying it will enable carmakers to offset their most polluting vehicles against their cleanest models, resulting in a net emission increase.