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Afghan women protest 'execution' video


Afghan women protest 'execution' video

Protesters marching through Kabul have been calling for justice after the emergence of a video showing an Afghan woman being shot for alleged adultery.
With slogans including ‘death to the killers of our sister in Parwan province’, around 100 women walked from the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs to a UN compound.
“We want the government to take serious steps in this case of the killing of women, to bring the culprits to trial,” said Sima Samar, who was taking part in the rally.
Women’s activist Zuhra Alamyar, also on the march, said: “Every day there is more of this violence and these killings. We want the government to take serious action to stop it.”
The three-minute video shows a woman in Parwan province being repeatedly shot, and men gathered around cheering after she is killed.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned the act, calling it “un-Islamic” and “unforgivable”. There has also been an international outcry.
The Taliban deny any involvement in the killing.


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