Russia in mourning for southern flood victims

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Russia in mourning for southern flood victims

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Flags have been flying at half-mast in Russia on a day of mourning for an estimated 170 people killed in floods near the Black Sea.

As church services were organised in memory of the victims, investigators backed the authorities’ denials that the opening of reservoir sluice gates was to blame.

One said discharges from the dam were normal and could not have caused the disaster.

The inquiry is focusing on the failure of early-warning procedures; many residents say they were told nothing even though it had been raining for weeks.

Most of the victims were in the town of Krymsk.
People have been trying to salvage what they can from their ruined homes.

Postmen have been delivering around 250 euros worth of compensation with the promise of more to come.

President Vladimir Putin has visited the region, a relatively wealthy part of southern Russia where agriculture and tourism thrive. During his years in power, the country has suffered numerous disasters that have exposed a lack of investment in infrastructure.