Morsi and Egypt's military poised for showdown

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Morsi and Egypt's military poised for showdown

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They are widely seen as locked in a bitter power struggle for Egypt.

But that did not stop new Islamist President Mohamed Morsi from attending a ceremony in Cairo on Monday, side by side with the country’s generals.

Morsi has, however, suffered a setback in his bid to reconvene parliament in defiance of the military. Egypt’s top court has upheld its ruling under which the military dissolved the chamber last month and granted itself legislative powers.

President Morsi wants those powers handed back to a parliament packed with his allies from the Muslim Brotherhood. In response to his decree reconvening the lower house, its speaker has called on MPs to meet on Tuesday, setting the scene for a showdown.

Security forces who had blocked access to the building have allowed some members back in, meaning Egypt looks poised for yet another political crisis.