Egypt: Showdown feared as parliament prepares to reconvene

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Egypt: Showdown feared as parliament prepares to reconvene

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It was a short-lived respite in Egypt.

The country is facing a fresh crisis with the new president challenging the authority of the army by ordering the reconvening of parliament.

Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood had most seats there but the chamber was controversially dissolved by the military in line with a legal ruling.

Cairo resident Waleed Khalaf said he agreed with Morsi’s move, denouncing the generals’ decision to give themselves legislative powers.

However Zaher Mohamed, who also lives in the capital, said parliament should not reconvene as it was “illegitimate” from the start.

The building has remained sealed off with security forces preventing members from entering.

Yet just as constitutional authorities were weighing up whether to challenge Morsi’s decree, parliament’s speaker said the chamber would reconvene on Tuesday – risking a showdown with the army.