Clean-up and condolences after the Russia floods

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Clean-up and condolences after the Russia floods

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Whilst the country held a day of national mourning on Monday, the feelings of loss were closer to home for those who attended funerals of relatives killed in the Russian Black Sea town of Krymsk.

Saturday’s deluge killed at least 171 people across the region of Kuban and affected more than 34,000.

Ekaterina Buinova, whose sister died, described her own husband searching the house: “The ceiling had collapsed, they walked through the water – all this furniture had come loose and was floating about and she was nowhere to be seen. Then my husband moved the wardrobe and saw her foot – it was awful, you can imagine, he ran straight out,” she said.

Igor Markozov was attending his grandfather’s funeral: “My grandfather woke up in the night. He was woken by the noise – it seems the water was already flowing and breaking things up. He went out into the street and was washed away by the wave. He was found drowned in the morning, in the water, no – washed up, there was no longer any water by the time they found his body.”

People in Krymsk continue to try to salvage what they can from their waterlogged homes.

Eager to seem responsive, President Vladimir Putin has visited the area and has ordered that an official investigation be launched.

Postal workers are going door to door handing out cash payments of around 250 euros – and promising more compensation will come.