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Libyan election: Islamists storm Benghazi polling stations


Libyan election: Islamists storm Benghazi polling stations

Libya’s first free national elections in 60 years have been marred by violence in the oil-rich east of the country.

A group of radical Islamists stormed several polling stations in the city of Benghazi, according to security sources.

The rebels also targeted election booths in Ajdabiya and Brega, stealing election papers and ballot boxes and burning them in the street. More than 100 polling booths were forced to stay closed.

Last year’s civil war, which saw the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, first exploded in Benghazi. Regional groups, who want greater autonomy from Tripoli, are angry that they will have fewer seats in the new assembly compared to the west of the country.

Former rebels also shut down several oil terminals in the east in recent days to push officials to cancel the vote.

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