Obama campaigns on Independence Day

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Obama campaigns on Independence Day

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President Barack Obama used the traditional July 4 celebrations to call for immigration reforms popular with many of his black and Hispanic supporters.

The issue of immigration has become a flash point in Obama’s battle with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to win the White House on November 6.

Obama has recently ordered the lifting of the threat of deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the US as children. It is a move directly targeting voters in battleground states such as Nevada and Colorado.

Despite the unifying pageantry of the July 4 parades Obama knows some of his policies during his four years in office have split the country. Can all the fights in Congress over budget spending and healthcare really be forgotten?

Our correspondent Stefan Grobe said:
“This ‘Fourth of July’ probably is the last day in this election year on which America is united. From now on the old divisive issues and nasty campaign talk will take centre stage again. But on this day, all America celebrates being American.”