UN warns against arms flow into Syria

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UN warns against arms flow into Syria

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The United Nations has warned against the consequences of weapons said to be pouring into Syria, arming both sides in the 16-month conflict.

As the lastest unverified footage claimed to show fighting continuing in both Homs and Douma, government forces and the opposition have been accused of harming civilians.

With little headway being made on the diplomatic front, the UN’s human rights chief Navi Pillay expressed concern that the situation was likely to get worse.

“There is the risk of escalation. The provision of arms to the Syrian government and to its opponents is fuelling the violence. Any further militarisation of the conflict must be avoided at all cost,” she said.

On Monday night, Syrian activists claimed that 85 soldiers including a general and several officers crossed the Turkish border and defected.

Ankara, which is still smarting after one of its warplanes was downed by Syrian forces, claims to have scrambled more of its fighters in response to three separate incidents of Syrian helicopters approaching its border.