Spain: Wildfire debris reaches third biggest city

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Spain: Wildfire debris reaches third biggest city

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Smoke and ash from raging wildfires has reached Spain’s third biggest city, Valencia.

Residents have reported breathing problems as flames continue to cut through vaste swathes of the countryside in the surrounding area.

More than 2,000 people have been evacuated from the popular tourist region in the east amid Spain’s worst forest fires in more than a decade.

In the city, one man said: “It is nearly impossible to breathe. There is so much ash. This is something I have not seen before.”

A woman in Valencia added: “I can’t breathe very well. My eyes are dry. My nose is itching.”

On day four of the wildfires, fanned by high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds, investigations continue into what got them started.
Theories range from uncontrolled agricultural burning to problems linked to the fitting of solar panels. A number of people have been questioned by police.