Kiev's party for the end of Euro 2012

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Kiev's party for the end of Euro 2012

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The fans leaving the stadium in Kiev were heading for a party of some sort or another, whichever team they had been supporting.

Among the victorious Spanish fans there was a generous spirit towards their opponents.

“Really, really good. We’re like cousins. If Italy had won we’d have been a bit less happy, but happy nonetheless,” said one in a mood to celebrate.

An Italian supporter was equally generous in defeat.
“We played well up to the final, but during the final we were nowhere on the field. Unfortunately they (Spain) played well above expectations. They’re a great team,” he said.

And another Spanish fan had kind words for the hosts. “(It was) great for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Everything has gone really well,” he said.

Our correspondent in Kiev, Sergio Cantone, said:
“There are winners and losers. There is also a certain pleasure despite defeat as the long Kiev party will prove. This Euro 2012 ended with a great win for Spain, but a great night for everyone.”