Tahrir Square shows overwhelming support for President-elect

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Tahrir Square shows overwhelming support for President-elect

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Tens of thousands of Egyptians had descended on Tahrir Square to hear their President-elect address them, many of whom were followers of his once-banned Muslim Brotherhood. It was, in effect, an informal oath by Mohammed Mursi in front of his people who were overwhelming in their support.

“We want a president with all the powers without someone else interfering in his work, for him to do a good job for the people, nothing more. We seek peace, we want everyone to be happy and live better. That is what we ask,” said one person while another added, “This is the first Egyptian president to come here and that shows a real democracy. Real democracy has finally arrived in Egypt. The president coming out to see us shows his courage, his will, his determination.”

Our correspondent in Tahrir Square, Riad Muasses says, “Mohamed Mursi chose to stay in Tahrir Square, symbol of the Egyptian Revolution, primarily for its legitimacy. Legitimacy which will perhaps recover some presidential powers still held by the Military Council.”