Mohamed Morsi speaks to the people in Tahrir Square

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Mohamed Morsi speaks to the people in Tahrir Square

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A night time vigil was held in Tahrir Square hours before the country’s first Islamic civilian president, Mohamed Morsi was set to take his official oath of office. Many of his supporters had remained in the square following emotional scenes when the 60-year-old had spoken to them.

He addressed the “Muslims and Christians of Egypt” backing up his pledge when elected to be an inclusive president.

“I promise you and I promise God. I swear by God that I will sincerely protect the republican system and that I respect the constitution and the rule of law. I will look after the interests of the people and protect the independence of the nation and the safety of its territory,” he told the crowd.

The President-elect’s speech has been interpreted as a defiant challenge to the army and generals who have been trying to limit his powers.

Morsi will be sworn in by the constitutional court rather than by parliament.