Mohamed Morsi inaugurated as President of Egypt

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Mohamed Morsi inaugurated as President of Egypt

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Mohamed Morsi has been officially sworn in as Egypt’s first civilian president.

The 60-year-old, who won the country’s first free and fair elections earlier this month, took the oath at the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo.

In a ceremony broadcast around the world, Morsi said he would respect the constitution and the rule of law. He promised to look after the interests of the Egyptian people and protect the independence of the nation.

Shortly afterwards, Morsi said a civilian and constitutional state had been “born today”.

His swearing in took place in the building next to the Cairo hospital where jailed former president Hosni Mubarak has been moved since his health deteriorated. Mubarak was overthrown by a popular uprising last year that eventually led to democratic reforms, which many say don’t go far enough.

Before being elected, the role of president had its powers curbed by Egypt’s ruling military council.