Katie Holmes dumps Cruise out of the blue

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Katie Holmes dumps Cruise out of the blue

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It is the celebrity break-up of the century, or at least since the last one, which also involved Tom Cruise, as it happens.

Katie Holmes’ filing for divorce and sole custody of 6 year-old daughter Suri from Cruise came as a shock, as the actor was filming in Iceland, and Holmes made her application in New York using false names.

“As much as we were surprised, I think you can take from Tom Cruise’s statement that he, too, was surprised by Katie filing for divorce. It was done in secret yesterday, not using their real names in a New York court. Tom Cruise released a statement today saying he was saddened by that. That gives rise to the suggestion that he was blindsided by Katie’s move,” says Celebuzz’s Dylan Howard.

Holmes has cited “irreconcilable differences” with the diminutive Scientologist, 16 years her senior and 50 this year.

It is Cruise’s third divorce. He dated Penelope Cruz for a while after his headline-making split with Nicole Kidman in 2001 after a decade together reigning as Hollywood’s power couple. They adopted two children.

The divorce, while the couple were making Stanley Kubrick’s final masterpiece “Eyes wide shut”, which dissected a failing marriage, led to two court actions against allegations he was homosexual, which Cruise won. He met Holmes in 2005, and married her the following year.