Egypt President-elect speaks in Tahrir Square

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Egypt President-elect speaks in Tahrir Square

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It was a moment crackling with emotion which many Egyptians could never have imagined. The first Islamist civilian president, Mohamed Mursi -who will take his oath of office on Saturday – addressing the crowd in Tahrir Square.

The 60-year-old who was declared the winner in the presidential election on Sunday has vowed his term of office will be inclusive.

“Great people, I came to see you today, and to see all the children of this great people of Egypt because I believe that you are the source of power and legitimacy of the power. No legitimacy can go beyond your own,” he told the crowd.

The tens of thousands of supporters in what Mursi referred to as, “revolution square” responded to his words with loud cheers. The President-elect’s speech in which he promised Egypt would be a, “civil” state has been interpreted as a slap at the generals who have been trying to limit his powers.