'Obamacare' faces Supreme Court verdict

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'Obamacare' faces Supreme Court verdict

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Today America’s Supreme Court may wreck President Obama’s healthcare reforms, derailing his flagship domestic policy achievement, or back the bill, handing him a big pre-election triumph.

The nine judges have been asked to rule on the reform’s constitutional validity, as 26 out of 50 states challenged the bill’s central provision, that by 2014 all Americans obtain health insurance or pay a penalty.

The 2010 healthcare bill is the biggest shake-up in American health in 50 years, and aims to provide 30 million uncovered Americans with healthcare, and reduce spiralling medical costs.

The court may either uphold the law, strike out parts of it, or overturn it entirely. Some critics say the reform is the thin end of a wedge of big government control over the people. Others, with a quiver of revulsion, claim it is the first step to socialism.