Egypt's President-elect meets Coptic minority

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Egypt's President-elect meets Coptic minority

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He has promised an inclusive government and Mohamed Mursi, Egypt’s Islamist President-elect took the first steps towards that aim when he met with representatives of the Coptic Christian church.

A spokesman is reported as saying Mursi’s first appointments as vice-presidents will be a woman and a Coptic Christian as he moves to allay fears about the Muslim Brotherhood.

The country’s Coptic Christian minority which makes up between seven and 14 per cent of the Egypt’s 80 million people has been the target of sectarian violence.

Twenty-three people were killed in this attack on a church in Alexandria in January 2011, the worst incident in a decade.

If a Coptic Christian becomes a vice-president it would be the first time in Egypt’s history a Copt has held such an elevated position.