Damascus central court hit by bomb

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Damascus central court hit by bomb

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A second attack in the last two days has shattered the calm of central Damascus.

What state media referred to as a “terrorist” bomb ripped through a car park used by lawyers and judges next to Syria’s main court. Three people were injured.
Yesterday a pro-Assad television station was stormed by gunmen.

State television broadcast the cleanup of more than a dozen wrecked vehicles.

However Russia’s move to back the Kofi Annan plan for a transitional government puts more pressure on the regime than any bomb, even if it is qualified by continued support for Bashar al-Assad. If he does not want to go, Moscow will not force him.

“The meeting in Geneva was planned to add support to Kofi Annan’s plan. It has to create the conditions whereby the violence can be stopped and a national Syrian dialogue can be opened, but not to impose any results from this dialogue,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The UN Security Council meets in Geneva on Saturday to discuss Syria. The Syrian opposition’s immediate reaction was to rule out any dialogue if Assad remains in power.