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Made to measure: portrait of a tailor

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Made to measure: portrait of a tailor

At Milan Fashion Week, designers are showing off their latest cuts and trends but away from the bright lights is a man of equal tailoring talents.

Luigi Gallo has been a tailor for some 50 years, hand crafting suits for clients around the world, including the Pope, which sell for thousands of euros a go.

The tools of his trade are still the same; chalk, measuring tape, scissors and an expert eye.

Tailors like Gallo make individual suits for one customer at a time, rather than following the off-the-shelf approach of the big labels.

He said: “These days, to be able to say ‘I’m going to my tailor’ is very prestigious… It’s almost luxurious. It’s not because tailors are more expensive than high fashion. A famous tailor charges the same price for a suit as a top designer label. So, in the end, going to a tailor is a better buy.”

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