Assad TV channel attacked, 'Syria at war' says president

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Assad TV channel attacked, 'Syria at war' says president

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A group of armed men have attacked a pro-government TV station in Damascus.

Anti-Assad fighters planted explosives and killed three staff members.

The al-Ikhbariya channel, though privately owned, is said to be a mouthpiece for the Assad regime. The station resumed broadcasting hours after the attack.

After 16-months the violence shows no sign of waning and international pressure is mounting on
embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

Assad addressed his new cabinet and
spoke bluntly about the situation the country faces and vowed to carry on fighting until the war is won.

“We are living, as I said before the People’s Assembly, in a state of war, a genuine state of war in all its aspects, with all that those words mean,” he said.

Close to the capital Damascus those opposed to Assad claimed elite Republican Guard troops have been involved in fierce fighting with activists in some of the most intense battles involving special forces since the uprising began in March last year.