Turkey calls for Nato talks over downed jet

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Turkey calls for Nato talks over downed jet

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The downing of a Turkish warplane by Syrian forces is to be discussed by European Union foreign ministers today ahead of a special Nato meeting on Tuesday.

Ankara is considering its response to the attack on one of its F-4 Phantom jets which it says was in international airspace at the time.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has challenged Syria’s account of the incident.

“I want to point out something clearly, the aim of the warplane was a routine test of Turkey’s own radar system. It had no covert mission against Syria,” he said.

Syria insists the jet was inside its airspace when it was fired on after Syrian military failed to indentify it.

Relations between Ankara and Damascus have become increasingly strained with Syria’s escalating conflict repeatedly crossing over Turkey’s borders.

On Sunday the Turkish government held talks with opposition party members in order to present a united front on the steps to be taken.

The search continues for the two missing pilots of the downed jet, with the navies of both Turkey and Syria looking for the men although Turkey says it is not conducting a joint operation.