Sham of Greek public-sector jobs cuts exposed

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Sham of Greek public-sector jobs cuts exposed

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While Greece is protesting at the harsh austerity conditions being imposed on its economy, the Troika group of international creditors currently in Athens going over the nation’s books has revealed tens of thousands of jobs have been created in defiance of IMF-EU loan conditions.

While the private sector has been decimated the government has made sure some 70,000 new civil servants were hired in the last two years.

This was at the same time as it was legislating to cut public sector jobs.

In fact numbers remained stable in 2010/11. There is one Greek civil servant for every 16 men, women and children. By 2011 Greece had promised to fill only one in every five jobs after retirement.

“This is a critical time for Greece.What we need is a reversal of the current atmosphere and in order to do that we need a fresh start of renegotiation with the Troika. You know that development and economic recovery is of vital importance,” said Development Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.

The number of state cultural employees actually rose. The disclosure, on the day the EU and IMF start an audit of Greece’s accounts, has sparked fresh accusations of Greece’s leaders playing the EU system while pleading poverty.