Shafik supporters hysterical after election loss

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Shafik supporters hysterical after election loss

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Ahmed Shafik supporters showed their anger and grief at their candidate’s defeat at the hands of Islamists by tearing down posters of Mohamed Morsy.

Many expressed utter disbelief at the outcome and chanted “Save Egypt! The Muslim Brotherhood will destroy it.

Some accuse the head of Military Council of interfering in the result.

“This is an unfair decision by Tantawi and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, these results are not right,” said one Shafik supporter.

Many of those who voted for the former Hosni Mubarak ally did so out of fear that religious rule will mean intolerance and alienation from the West.

Despite the hysteria among some of his supporters, Ahmed Shafik called to congratulate rival and offered to serve in the new president’s government.