Egypt: New President gets to work

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Egypt: New President gets to work

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Newly elected Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi has moved to the presidential palace where he will now form a government after promising to be a leader for all Egyptians.

Following months of political instability Egypt’s first democratically elected president, now has to act to get the country back on track. He is expected to focus on restoring security, fixing the battered economy which relies heavily on tourism, and drawing up the new constitution.

After the fireworks and celebrations following his election, many are still unhappy. They question the authority the President now has after the ruling military council absorbed many of his powers and dissolved parliament.

One protester in Tahrir square said: “We will be here until the elected parliament is restored and until our demands are met. Until our president is given his power.”

Even though many Muslim Brotherhood supporters were seen chanting anti-military slogans following his election, the new president’s rhetoric so far has focused on unity, and he has praised the armed forces saying they will go on to play a role in ensuring the security of the country.