"We'll win Euro2012," say Spain fans after beating France

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"We'll win Euro2012," say Spain fans after beating France

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They had not come to Ukraine to go unnoticed.

An exuberant group of Spanish supporters, dressed as matadors, danced and jigged outside the Dombass Arena in Donetsk.

They had plenty to celebrate after watching their team slay a rather tame French bull in Donetsk.

Spain’s straightforward 2-0 victory puts the reigning champions into the last four, and confidence is riding high.

“We’ll beat Portugal and then Germany,” shouted one Spanish supporter, while another chanted “auf Wiedersehen”, in anticipation of a repeat of the Euro 2008 final.

A slightly more lucid French supporter said:

“We’re obviously disappointed after the defeat. We would like to have won, but what’s most important is the experience of being in Ukraine to support the French national team and that’s an unforgettable moment!”

The Spanish might not have been huge in number at the stadium, but the celebration was set to be big.

Surrounded by a red and yellow throng, some pulling their painted faces, our correspondent in Ukraine Sergio Cantone said:

“The party is Spanish at the Dombass Arena in Donetsk. They came here, they’ve beaten France and they are in the semifinals. Mostly they are convinced that they will win the final. First they’ll have to beat someone they know quite well: Cristiano Ronaldo.”