UN says 1.5m need humanitarian aid in Syria

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UN says 1.5m need humanitarian aid in Syria

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The United Nations has said that over one and a half million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Syria – 500,00 more than previously estimated.

Syrian activists say nearly a hundred people, mostly civilians, were killed around the country on Saturday as the regime’s forces intensified their attacks on rebel positions.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the dead included ten soldiers who were trying to defect to the opposition.

Syrian state TV said more than 25 government supporters had been rounded up and massacred by what it called ‘terrorists’.

President Bashar al-Assad has reshuffled his government but several key posts remain unchanged and critics say power remains concentrated within the Assad inner circle.

The Turkish government has continued to react cautiously to the shooting down of one of its fighter jets by Syrian forces.

Ankara has admitted that the plane may have strayed into Syrian airspace.

Both Turkish and Syrian navies have been searching the Mediterranean Sea for the wreckage and for the two missing pilots.