New Paraguay president prompts diplomatic pressure

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New Paraguay president prompts diplomatic pressure

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Argentina has withdrawn its ambassador to Paraguay in response to Paraguay’s president being removed from office on Friday.

Citing a ‘rupture of democratic order’ the Argentine diplomat was ordered to leave Paraguay’s capital Asuncion immediately on Saturday.

Adding additional pressure on the new president Federico Franco, Brazil also recalled its ambassador.

“I am calm, we will clean house and make contact with our neighbour countries at the appropriate time. And I am completely sure they will understand what’s happening in Paraguay,” said Franco.

Only a year away from finishing his five-year term, Fernando Lugo was replaced by Franco on Friday after Congress impeached Lugo for failing to maintain social harmony. The charge was the result of clashes sparked by a land dispute a week earlier, during which 17 police and farmers were killed.

Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has called Lugo’s removal a ‘coup’.

Both Brazil and Argentina say they will discuss the matter at the next meeting of the Common Market of South America – Mercosur.