The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy is the new President of Egypt.
A week after the run-off election the results have finally been released that the Islamist candidate defeated former military-man, Ahmed Shafik, by a mere three percent.
Given the long delay, Muslim Brotherhood supporters had been anxious that the military council, which has ruled the largest Arab nation for the last 16 months since the overthrow of former dictator Hosni Mubarak, were trying to change the result and ensure victory for Shafik. This result now puts paid to those fears.
The military council has recently curbed the powers of the presidency, meaning Morsy will now have to work closely with the army on a democratic constitution.
None-the-less thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo’s Tahrir square, erupted in cheers on hearing the news that their candidate had won.
The 60-year-old US educated engineer who spent time in jail under Mubarak, has pledged to form an inclusive government to appeal to all Egyptians including a large Christian minority who were fearful of religious rule.