Egypt: Countdown to long-awaited presidential result

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Egypt: Countdown to long-awaited presidential result

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With the announcement of the winner of Egypt’s presidential election due to be made on Sunday, supporters of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi maintained their presence in Tahrir Square on Sunday morning.

Both Morsi and his rival Ahmed Shafiq declared victory by a narrow margin following the presidential run-off a week ago.

Since the ballot, the official result has been delayed, with some speculating Morsi is the winner and Egypt’s ruling military council may be doing backroom deals with the Muslim Brotherhood.

If the announcement is made at 3pm local time as expected, whoever eventually takes on the role will find his powers have been reduced, after the military council stripped away many presidential powers – though it has promised civilian rule by July 1.

Those who back Shafiq are refusing to give up the fight, and continue to show their support in Cairo’s the Nasr City suburb.